Main Project 2

Deutsche Telekom - Streamlining the way customers shop at Telekom

Client: Deutsche Telekom Europe
Role: UX & UI Designer
Project duration: 8 months
While working at: Gen


Deutsche Telekom Europe works across various different countries, each with a different language, currency, tariff structure and payment habits. Our challenge was to streamline the buying experience for the customer through a unifying flow of product selection and checkout process. As a bonus, we facilitated the maintenance of all European platforms, while solidifying brand identity.


My Duties

Wireframing; Visual Design; Responsive Design; Prototyping; Handoff



DT-Hungary: A shopping cart for a complex product discount system.



The main service DT sells in Hungary is called “Magenta”. When a bundle of fixed and mobile products is bought together, they unlock special discounts and perks. However, this service is not streamlined across countries, neither their discounts.



First, we clarified the user about what was “Magenta” and how it worked, through explainers in other areas of the marketplace. For the Shopping Cart, we highlighted the effects of “Magenta” discount through bill structure, color and tooltips.


Text about the studies on the structure and outcomes of the basket


DT-Hungary: A checkout with severe overweight problems.