(Don’t worry. I only dress like this in the weekends)


I’m a Designer from Portugal with a background in start-ups and a crush for photojournalism. I believe good work happens when you’re having a laugh.



I was born.



Degree in Design + Post-graduation* at the University of Aveiro. This course gave me good insights on strategic thinking, project design and management, aesthetics and typography.

*Post-graduation is a fancy way of saying i dropped out of my Masters’ Degree.



The startup years. I dropped out of my Masters’ degree to co-found a design start-up: FHOLD, the cardboard laptop stand that revolutionised procrastination worldwide, but not quite.



In the post-startup life i’ve worked as a Graphic Designer working for Lavva and Tekna Creative, while designing for TEDxAveiro. It’s also during this time i’ve started writing and photographing more seriously.



I started working as a Digital Product Designer for Gen Design Studio. I was assigned to the Airtel India and Deutsche Telekom long-term projects. By this time i realised digital is the true one for me.


Volunteering work, Awards, Talks and
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Where i want to be:


Integrate a product design team.

I wish to work in an environment where Designers, side by side with Product Owners, a Research Team and Developers iterate mistake upon mistake, based on true data, not just a personal hunch.


Learn the market trades.

I want to learn and practice standard and new product design methodologies. Try new tools. Be a part of something bigger and greater. Have an active voice on the work being done. Continue following and supporting the product after release.


The value i can bring:


Solution driven

I can spot a problem when there is one, but i take more pleasure in focusing my energy on finding solutions for those problems.


System Freak

When working on extensive digital products, an organised system –wether it’s a design system, a pattern library or style guide– is key to a happy team and consistent design.


Macro, them Micro

Details don’t matter much if the overall project vision doesn’t exist. Without it, a team will run in circles until the deadline arrives, or worse, complete demotivation takes over.


I speak human language

Sometimes when talking with team mates, project managers or clients, we forget that at the other end there’s a human being. It’s impossible to design for humans, if we can’t behave like one.


Tools i’m using


Usual duties

Flowcharts, Wireframing, Standardization, Visual Design, Prototyping, Handoff


I work for my heroes 


I’ve worked for Gen Design Studio for the last 2 years as a Digital Product Designer and i think it’s time to face a new challenge. If i seem like a good fit for your company, send me a love letter. Here are my contacts: